If you are young, attractive and have a nice figure for modeling, I would love to display you on GATORMODEL.COM

If you are interested in pursuing a career in modeling, this would be a good place to start....or at least add to your resume. Any exposure you can get on the internet is helpful. I always give the models a copy on DVD disk of all the photos taken during the session.  You are free to use the photos any way you like. 

I have a small studio in my home near Alachua, Fl. where I do most of the shoots. I own 14 acres and have set up numerous photo props for outdoor shots. It is safe and private and a beautiful setting for a photo shoot. I always encourage you to bring a friend or relative the first time, so as to feel more relaxed.

I am also producing a Gator Girls calendar as an adjunct to this site. I want to publish a new one each year. All of the girls shown here will likely be in one of the calendars.

If interested in modeling please send me an email with an attached photo.

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